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Symposium om läkemedel för häst

1-2 oktober hålls ett symposium "Use and Misuse of Drugs in the Athletic Horse" i Uppsala. NKVet arrangerar symposiet.

NKVet är en sammanslutning mellan de nordiska ländernas veterinärhögskolor samt veterinärinstitut för att främja spridning av forskning och kunskap. De har en årlig konferens som vandrar mellan de respektive länderna, 2009 är det Sveriges tur.

Så här lyder inbjudan till konferensen: "Join the two day NKVet 2009 Symposium, "Use and Misuse of Drygs in the Athletic Horse" October 1-2 in Uppsala, Sweden. The symposium with higly recognized speakers and expertise is open to all interested in current practices in equine veterinary medicine.

For program and further information, and registration see

This meeting will update you on the current work in both European Horserace Scientific Liaison Committee(EHSLC) and the FEI Clean Sport Commission. This year the Nordic countries have become members of the EHSLC an organization aiming to harmonize rules and regulations within European horseracing. Due to increased analytical sensitivity of drug test - required to find potent drugs - also routine medication hade led to positive cases, sometimes caused by contamination of the horse´s environment.

To avoid inadvertent positive cases and to allow treatment of racing and competing horses with pharmaceutical drugs intended for horses, EHSLC as wll as the International Equestrian Federation and the Nordic countries, have introduced a system of detextion times and Reporting Levels of Detection.

In order to clarify the difference between medication and bannes substances the FEI Clean Sport Commission has proposed two separate lists to be established: one of all known substances which are documented as therapeutic and considered acceptable in equine medicine; the other a list of substances that have been deemed by the FEI not to have legitimate use in equine medicine.

The increasing use of ergonenics, or "grey zone" feed supplements (glocose animes, MSM etc.) and the recently appearing "medical devices" for intra-articular use in performance horses will also be addressed at the symposium.


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